GALLERY: A step back in time at the Balingup Medieval Carnival

BALINGUP Medieval Carnival patrons enjoyed a classic two days of Balingup weather at the weekend: one day of sunshine, one day of rain.

The Carnival kicked off on a warm, spring-like Saturday. Crowds from local areas and further afield turned up at the gates, many in a wide variety of costumes, to see the sights.

There was plenty of entertainment to be had from musical groups such as the Ferrymen, who had people dancing around the Dragon Stage, and a variety of dance groups, including bellydancers Sisters of Ishtar and Amoura.

A highlight of the entertainment was performances by Crashmatt, who combined gymnastics while balancing on several stacked up and precarious-looking chairs with hilarious commentary in a perfectly medieval manner.

The Eco-Faeries were another delight to see, as they roamed the grounds creating bright colour and mischief, dancing to live music and granting wishes.

The thud of weapons in the fighting arena attracted eager audiences to see medieval fighting groups such as the SCA and the ever-popular Darksun. Just as popular was the kids arena, where junior knights and ladies got the chance to experience medieval fighting.

A popular display was the West Aussie Reptiles, where brave audience members had the opportunity to hold Stimsons and other Pythons.

The medieval markets provided a wide array of arts, crafts, jewellery and locally made produce, including harder to find goods such as bows and arrows, leatherwork and Viking jewellery.

Sunday dawned cold and stayed wet all day, which dampened enthusiasm – but only a little. The crowds still turned up to enjoy the carnival in a very medieval atmosphere of rain and mud. 

However, as the day grew wetter and wetter, the carnival cancelled late-scheduled entertainment and closed early.

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